My name is Rui Jorge Santos Costa, I was born on November 14, 1975, Friday. I have been passionate about Photography (yes, in capital letters) since I can remember.

Still, only when I was about 16 years old, did I finally had the opportunity to spend some quality time with “my first camera”, a Nikon FE2 geared up with 3 Nikkor lenses (a 24mm ƒ/2.8, a 50mm ƒ/2.8, and a 70-200mm). Those quotes around “my first camera”, are just describing a loan tag associated with that Nikon. My girlfriend at the time, married to me since 2002, and the mother of Beatriz and Catarina, my daughters, is basically responsible for me being a photographer. Some say that the shortest path to a man’s heart is the stomach, in my case, it was clearly a camera.

From that first great interaction with a “real” camera to the point of installing my first “studio” in my parent’s house small attic, only took a year and a half and involved, of course, spending all the money I so costly earned in a hard summer job. Looking back on that day, was the best-spent money of my life!

Since then and until about a decade ago, I photographed more or less intermittently. I was divided between biochemistry, biology, and some other projects of personal interest. I started my first business project in IT in 1999 and went through many interesting projects, which include 4 very serious and fruitful business projects. I worked with and for, more than 300 companies in Portugal and abroad. One day, due to a forced but enlightening stay at the Cardiology Unit at  Hospital dos Covões (you guys rock!), I realized that the most important thing would always be my family, and the most interesting job I could ever have would always be in Photography. It was a simple decision.

Since 2012 I dedicate myself – exclusively – to Photography. I am usually more committed to a traditional approach to landscape photography, with B&W as the basis of work and with printing as the ultimate end for any image I produce. I am that kind of stubborn, yes! Print still lives.

I share everything I can with those who want to see, read, and listen to me. I teach through the various workshops (tough lesser than in the near past) and I continue to study photography almost daily. I also have a (very small) YouTube channel where I share some content, but I lack the patience to be more consistent, although lately, I have made an extra effort to keep it updated.

In the last couple of years and until the beginning of the pandemic, I was a partner and co-founder on Viewpoint Tours, Viewpoint.LAB and Viewpoint.Studio, but things had to take a turn onto a different path. I also the one responsible for the creation of Pigmento.Coolectivo, (probably the smallest print shop on the planet) and Colectivo 35, but I am, above all, father, husband, and photographer. I am immensely happy!